AnimeForefront.com was founded by Logan Sharp and C.J. Barrette. The idea behind this venture is to add value to the Anime and Japanese-Style street wear scene. We do this by creating and supplying high-quality original apparel and awesome home-decor for anime & manga fans. If you're looking for a refreshing indie-aesthetic to add to your personal collection, you've found the right place. 

Logan and C.J. are dedicated to catering and designing a unique fashion and look forward to seeing our followers and fashionistas out there reppin' the Anime Forefront brand. We promise to always give you the best quality we can and to frequently add unique designs that will help you stand out and look super tight.

The Anime Forefront Team

AnimeForefront.com started after the founder's first trip to Japan. As an exchange student he loved the culture. Inspired, Logan connected with C.J., a film & media studies student with a background in graphic design. Together they started planning and creating the beginning of Anime Forefront. The vision grew over time and finalized as a desire to make a unique brand.


A little bit about


The Anime Forefront brand values unique indie-style.  Logan loves connecting with other otaku's! Enjoys creating unique content on social media and is focused on adding value for fellow fans and followers that want to join the discussions (and shenanigans) offered on the AF media outlets. C.J. is always exploring ways to bring his favorite design techniques to new markets. A fan of all things retro, vintage, rustic, hand painted looks, typographic concepts, both minimal and modern, he aims to incorporate this into Anime Forefront designs.


The people that

Made us possible!

Logan Sharp

Founder / Content Creator

Film & Media Studies Student, Video Editor, and Content Producer - Logan LOVES all things anime and wants to grow a unique brand of street wear, home decor, and online media. 

C.J. Barrette

Graphic & Web Designer

Graphic Designer, Film Production Student, and Classical Musician. C.J. Excels at working within a lot of creative fields but his favorite thing to do is make posters and t-shirts!