Goblin Slayer: Why Tone Matters

Goblin Slayer: Why Tone Matters

Hey my otaku brothers and sisters! Today I'm going over a bit of a controversial anime that came out a few weeks ago, Goblin Slayer. So for those that haven't heard about this series, it follows the mysterious silver ranked adventurer named only Goblin Slayer (real original I know) That takes quests only for killing goblins. He is accompanied by a small party of fellow adventurers that gradually grows as the series progresses. And that's it for the exposition, now lets get into the meat of this controversy.

So Goblin Slayer has drawn a lot of heat for the extreme violence and sexual themes exhibited in the first episode. These themes included several vicious death scenes, and even a rape scene that was horribly exploitative. Now, I'm not one to shy away from some hard core mature content. However, the scenes in question made even a seasoned anime veteran such as myself a bit squeamish. Having said that, I don't think it was the actual content that threw me off. I mean if that was the case Perfect Blue and Ghost in The Shell should have destroyed me. No, I don't think it was the actual content... instead, I think it was how that content was set up.

Goblin Slayer opens up like something from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord or Sword Art Online, and therefore we the audience are expecting a similar series. Something kind of mature, but ultimately a series that could be classified with a PG rating (which is actually what Goblin Slayer was originally rated, crazy I know). Let's take a look at the opening, we see the character Priestess going into the "Adventurer's Guild" to take a quest, setting this world up as a fake video game world. However, towards the end of the episode we see not only characters being murdered but also viciously raped, breaking the illusion of this world being something like a fake video game. 

This comes off jarring for viewers, and this is what I believe caused people to be so offended by the opening episode. Think about Berserk, the opening scene tells us everything we need to know about this series. It tells us as viewers to buckle in and to get ready for some extreme themes.

Now, why did Goblin Slayer choose to take this rout and mislead viewers? Honestly, I think it was to build some hype and to cause a commotion in the anime community, which it obviously succeed at doing.

After seeing the second episode and the introduction of the character "Cow Girl," I have given up on the series having any form of lofty goals to warrant the extreme themes portrayed. Ultimately, if you were offended by this series... yeah, I get it and I totally second it. On the flip side, if you are comfortable with extreme violence and sexual themes with little to no substance. Hey, more power to you I guess.

Personally, I'll stick with the series for a few more episodes to full understand what direction the series is heading, and then I'll decide whether to stick with it or not. But that's all for now guys, thank you for checking us out and hope you enjoyed this little review on Goblin Slayer. Have a great week and take care my anime fam!

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